BIO Investor Forum Presentation Details & Guidelines

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Presentation Format

  • For regular Private and Public companies, presentations will be limited to 25 minutes in length, including Q&A. We highly suggest keeping the presentation to 20 minutes and reserving 5 minutes for Q&A.
  • For Discovery Track companies, presentations will be limited to 13 minutes, including Q&A. We also suggest reserving a few minutes for questions from the audience.
  • All presenters must prepare and submit their presentations in Microsoft PowerPoint for PC.
  • Presentations must be submitted on flash drives or USB ports. If your presentation contains an embedded video, please be sure it is in avi, wmv, or MPEG format.
  • Presentation rooms will be equipped with audio.

On-Site Preparations:

  • Immediately upon your arrival at The Palace, bring your presentation to the Speaker Ready Room to check it in to the Conference.
  • Allow time to test the presentation.
  • Your presentation MUST be received in the Speaker Ready Room no later than 3 hours prior to your scheduled presentation. (If your presentation is in the morning, be sure to check in your presentation the day before.)
  • Bring a back-up copy of your presentation with you to the conference.

Speaker Ready Room:

  • The staff in the Speaker Ready Room will be available to assist you in reviewing and testing your presentation.
  • Only the presenter will have access to the presentation file once it is checked into the Speaker Room server.
  • At the end of each day, presentations for that day will be deleted from the presentation room PCs and the server.

Presentation Room:

  • A dedicated computer operator will be assigned to each session room and will advance all slides by presenters.
  • At the podium, each presenter will have a preview monitor to view their presentations without turning their heads and a "cue light" to prompt the operator to advance their PowerPoint presentation slides.
  • No overhead projectors will be provided.
  • Each room will be equipped with an electronic timer in full view of the presenter. The time limits will be strictly enforced by the room moderator.
  • Presenters will NOT be permitted to hook a laptop to the digital projector in the presentation room.
  • Microphones will be provided.
  • Please plan on arriving in your presentation room 15 minutes prior to the start of your presentation.

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