Why Attend?

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Networking & Partnering
BIO knows that networking and initiating new partnerships is key to driving the industry forward.  Networking at BIO World Congress will be powered by One-on-One Partnering™.  This system enables you to quickly identify potential business partners, initiate contact and request 30-minute meetings held on-site in rooms provided by BIO.  Over 1,400 meetings facilitated by One-on-One Partnering™ were held in 2015. In additional to this sophisticated networking tool, BIO provides over nine dedicated networking opportunities during the conference. Plus, throughout the conference you can connect with over 50 exhibitors from around the globe to discover new products and solutions.
Five high-level plenary discussions will give you access to gain value information and insights from experts on what is coming down the road. 48 breakout sessions with over 200 speakers will enable you to compare competing technologies and discover what your peer organizations and potential partners are talking about. See what they are planning for and how they are accomplishing goals or tackling challenges that are similar to your own your organizations.


"Every single day you come to the World Congress you understand there is a whole new door or opportunity open for biotechnology to solve any problem you can imagine." 
Adam Monroe, Americas Regional President, Novozymes 

"This is the industry even to be at, where key stakeholders across the entire value chain can come together to engage in meaningful, actionable discussions, and where business deals happen."
Cenan Ozmeral, President and CEO, Myriant Corporation 

"In one venue you can meet with key decision makers ranging from those commercializing new crops, to those on the leading edge of synthetic biology downstream processing and the brand owner."
Richard Eno, former CEO, Metabolix

"It's the one time of the year when executives from companies throughout the industry come together in one spot."
James Levine, CEO, Sapphire Energy